Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Open letter to Cereal Companies #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

The Cereal Box Price Guide is the first n only of it's kind. A guide to collecting cereal boxes. A possible book that celebrates how magical n collectible cereal boxes are. the Cereal Box Price Guide has an image for every cereal box valued.
Cereal Manufacturers.

I need cereal boxes. 

I'm asking you to seed a reality. Sending me boxes is an investment in a the reality of cereal boxes as a major collectible. 

The Cereal Box Price Guide is the culmination of everything I learned as The Pez Outlaw.  I'm inviting you the Cereal Companies to join with me in this book.

 If you would like to join me n participate by sending cereal boxes to help fuel this, they would be welcomed and appreciated. The address is below

sj glew.   
Pez Outlaw


Send cereal boxes to.

sj. glew
5611 lehman rd.
dewitt mi.